Art historian, author and Professor Emeritus 

John lectured in Art History at the University of East Anglia for over 30 years. Specialising in various fields, John is currently focusing on the use of neuroscience in relation to art.

Neuroarthistory: an introduction with John Onians


Secrets of a European Neuroarthistory - 7pm 21st February

In this talk, John Onians, Professor Emeritus of World Art at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, presents neuroarthistory, an approach to art that makes use of the latest neuroscientific knowledge. Until recently, the only way to explain exceptional artistic quality was as the product of intense conscious thought. Neuroscience now provides an alternative explanation.

Location: Museum Lecture Hall, The Getty Center

Understanding Greek sculpture: What neuroscience can add - 8.30pm 17th February

Join John and others talking about the impact neuroscience can have on Greek sculpture.

Location: Beekman Parlor, Second Floor, New York Hilton Midtown NYC

Latest book

European Art - A Neuroarthistory

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"may well cause seismic changes in the way experts and art-lovers will regard every feature of our vast cultural heritage."

Christopher Smith, EDP